Astro A20 Headset -Best Headset for Gaming

The Astro is a popular brand amongst gaming peripherals and they’re known to make expensive but high-quality gaming headsets for PC Xbox and Playstation.

The A20 is the upgraded version of the older A10 model which came into the market very strong when it was released.  As you know, the Astro A10 is a budget model of the A20, just like the  A20’s are a budget model of the A50’s.

Astro A20 Headset

Astro A20 vs A50

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Astro A20 Ear Cups

This Astro headset has big and rectangular ear cups which connect to the headband on a strap that can be slid up and down to adjust the size based on your requirements.  The left ear cup of this headset holds the microphone which is on a flexible rubber arm.  It can be moved up and down, and when you move it upward, it will automatically mute the microphone.

On the right ear cup, you’ll find the volume wheel and the power and EQ buttons.  They’re decently comfortable headphones, but the ear cups do not swivel which makes them a bit tight on the head. The fit may loosen over time just like with shoes, but it will take a little time to get used to them. Don’t worry though because they’re well padded and covered in a microfiber coating that feels good on the skin.

They definitely look like gaming headphones with bright green accents and an elaborate design, but they don’t look bad by any means.  They can be pretty perfect for watching movies or gaming and talking to colleagues while playing.  They’re not designed, though, to be taken outside like some other headsets as they have no 3.5-millimeter jack and no detachable mic.  They’re quite bulky and can be considered to be heavier than most of the headsets out there. So taking them with you for a trip can be pretty annoying, unless you have a bag or a backpack, since these headphones don’t come with their own carrying case like some other models.


The Astro A20 comes with a transmitter which has a LED light on the top of it that lets you know the status of the headset.  It would have been great if they made it so you could also see which mode the headset is in, such as Xbox or PC mode.  This isn’t a huge drawback though, but it’s worth noting.  On the back of the transmitter, you’ll find a micro USB port for connecting it to the Xbox or the PC, a USB port for charging the headset and last but not least, a console PC mode switch.


The microphone is a controversial thing on this headset.  It does the job as it should, but one might notice that it can pick up some background noises which can be annoying.  However, no one really cares about that too much while playing video games.  For gaming, this microphone is definitely good enough and won’t pose much of a problem at all.

The Astro A20’s have been given the gaming headset name, but they also perform exceptionally well when it comes to handling music.  They have a bass heavy audio profile and have the EQ button which lets you switch between a pro profile that emphasizes lows and high mids for gaming and a studio profile that boosts the lows and highs for generally the best musical response.  The best thing is that if you know about music, you can make your own audio profile on the software with a 5-pound equalizer.

Astro A20 Surround Sound

When it comes to gaming, the audio is pretty good.   Tested with a few PC and Xbox games, they are pretty similar to the SteelSeries Arctist 7 but they have a slight difference in bass and that’s in a good way.

Noise Isolation

While the noise isolation of the Astro A20 is great for playing games in your room alone, it could be a bit of a problem if you go to LAN events and play games in crowded places.  You’ll have trouble with it because of its low volume.  You won’t be able to properly hear what’s happening in the game.  You can avoid that by raising the volume on your headset, but that would also make them leak audio which can be distracting to the people around you.  That’s why if you plan to buy a headset for playing in crowded places, you should look for something else.

As mentioned, the A20 is a budget version of the A50.  The A20 isn’t nearly as plush nor as solid as the metal A50 and doesn’t have as much low-end power.  But at half the price, it still offers an excellent sound which definitely makes up for most of its lacking features.   It can easily be compared to the Steel Series Arctist 7 because they both have similar features and sound the same.   So if you’ve tried the Arctist 7 before, you’ll know what you’ll be getting more or less.


Overall, the Astro A20 is a great headset which is definitely worth the price especially if you play on consoles and computers.  They are durable and will probably last you longer than some other headphones you’ve had before.



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