Best Affordable Cordless Drill

Bosch DDB181

The Bosch DDB 181 18-volt compact drill driver is the lightest and most compact 18 volt 1/2 inch drill driver on the market and it’s a great value.  The DDB 181 is so compact it’s optimized to get into those tight and hard to reach places.

Lightweight Design

The lightweight design reduces fatigue during daily use so you can work longer.  With 350 inch pounds of torque and 1300 rpm,  you’ll be able to fasten with power and drill with speed. The half inch auto lock chuck works for a broad range of applications and the built-in led helps eliminate those dark workspaces.

Bosch Flexible Power System

With the Bosch flexible power system, the DDB 181 works with any Bosch 18 volt lithium-ion battery on the market.  Electricians, plumbers, installers and HVAC contractors will love this thing.  Whether you’re driving into metal or wood, this drill can handle light duty applications easily.
So if you’re looking for something ultra compact with good power that’s also a good value, this guy is the perfect tool for the job.

Hitachi DS18DSAL

The new Hitachi DS18DSAL is an18-volt lithium-ion compact pro driver.  It features Hitachi’s new 18-volt slide-on lithium-ion battery which is 50% lighter than typical NiCad batteries and lasts three times as long.  It also features power throughout the life of the battery as opposed to a NiCad which starts losing power as soon as you pull the trigger.

Hitachi Feature

Another feature of the drill is a 22 plus one clutch.  This allows the user to select just the right amount of torque for the job they’re doing.  For instance, if you were putting in a small screw to install a hinge or something like that, you’d want to set the clutch to 1-2-3 setting which would give just enough torque to set the screw but not spin it out.  However, if you were doing a larger job like drilling through a large piece of wood or driving a lag bolt or something that needs a lot of power, you would have to set the drill to allow up to like 400 to 460 amount of torque.

Half Inch Metal Ratcheting

Another great feature of this tool is the half inch metal ratcheting keyless chuck.  This allows the tool to change bits very quickly and efficiently and securely fasten them to the tool so that you know they’re not going to slip.  With a quick twist, you can remove a small bit, expand the chuck to its widest opening which is a half inch, insert any tool up to 1/2 inch in diameter, then a quick twist. The tool is now securely fastened and will not come out.

Two-Speed Switch

The DS18DSAL also features a two-speed switch.  In the low-speed, the tool will operate from zero to three hundred and fifty rpm.  While in the high speed, it will operate up to 1500 rpm.  Why this is important is because when you’re driving your screw or a lag bolt or something that takes an amount of torque, the tool should be operating in the low speed.  This allows the tool to offer the full amount of torque to deliver and drive the screw properly.  The high speed setting would be used for pilot holes or other drilling or high speed applications where the torque is as important as the speed of the drill to do the job properly.

Everyone knows that after a full day of using a driver like this, the weight can be a serious issue.   The DS18DSAL is compacted at only seven point seven inches in length.  And weighing just about 3.5 pounds, the tool is very lightweight.  It provides enough torque and power to get any job done.

Led Light

The LED light located just above the trigger is another great feature on this tool.  If you lightly press the trigger, the light turns on and remains on while you’re pulling the trigger.  This allows you to illuminate any tight areas that you’re working in.  If you have to hold a fastener, you can’t always hold a flashlight.  So this will allow you to have light right where you need it, right at the tip of the tool.  You’re never going to be left in the dark when you purchase the DS18DSAL.

Bonus Flashlight

You’ll also get the bonus flashlight.  This works off the same 18-volt lithium-ion battery and offers a lot of light where you need it.  The head positions five stops which allows you to illuminate any area that you’re working in.

When you purchase a Hitachi lithium-ion cordless power tool, you receive a lifetime tool warranty and a two year lithium-ion battery warranty.

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