Best Floor Standing Speakers Under 1000

We are going to check out the top 5 best floor standing speakers in 2018. I made this list based on my personal opinion and I tried to list them based on their price-quality durability and more if you want to see the price and find out more information about these floor-standing speakers you can check out the links.

Klipsch RP-280FA Floorstanding Speaker - Walnut Veneer (Each)
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Fluance Signature Series Hi-Fi Three-Way Floorstanding Tower Speakers with Dual 8" Woofers (HFFW) Natural Walnut
43 Reviews
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Q Acoustics 3050i Floorstanding Speaker Pair (English Walnut) 2018 Model
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Monitor Audio Silver 200 Floorstanding Speaker Rosenut Pair
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Fluance Signature Series Hi-Fi Three-Way Floorstanding Tower Speakers

fluance standing speaker

we have the Fluance Signature Series Hi-Fi Three-Way 3-way floor standing tower speakers.These speakers combine an attractive look and reasonable price with a high-quality audio.

so let’s get quickly into action and find out why you should consider them. From a design perspective, The Fluance Signature Series Hi-Fi are crafted with an MDF wood.

Which is always a great choice since this material is known for creating a distortion-free sound. In addition, this model is finished in a natural walnut color which looks really sleek. But you will also have an option to get it finished in black.

However, both of them have the same specs and differ only in the color at the front. You will immediately notice the 8-inch woofers as well as the high-end Neodymium tweeters and the 5 inches woven glass mid-range that is finished in yellow. So when you see the towers as the whole they look really good on the back.

You can find dual ports with flared exists that are mounted behind the 2 8 inch woofers and the 5-way gold-plated binding posts. According to the users you won’t have any problems in terms of wire.


One cool feature of Signature Series Hi-Fi is a frequency response that ranges between 35 Hertz and 20 kilohertz. Also, has a power handling of 90 to 200 watts. Which according to those who purchased the audio quality is indeed loud and strong.

I would also want to inform you that the dual 8-inch polypropylene woofers and the tweeters are capable enough to produce well-defined lows mids highs and a powerful bass response.

so if you’re a person who appreciates the bass then I think that you would like these speakers.

But what makes these speakers differ from the other ones in this price range? -Is the ability to give an accent especially to the vocals and you’re going to notice this especially if you start playing a concert.

This speaker will maintain their original look and quality even if you’ve been using them for years. Due to the fact that the materials used during the crafting process are indeed quality and durable.

overall if you’re looking for quality speakers that look good and perform even better then the Fluance Signature Series Hi-Fi Three-Way 3-way would be a really good choice.


Klipsch RP-280FA

One of the best speaker for home cinema audio delivering an immersive, impactful 360° surround Dolby Atmos audio experience.

Klipsch RP Standing Speaker


• Built-in Elevation Channel for Dolby Atmos
• 1″ Linear Travel Suspension Titanium Tweeter
• Dual 8″ Spun Copper Cerametallic Cone Woofers
• 90×90 Hybrid Tractrix Horn
• All New Tractrix Port
• Available in Walnut and Black Wood Veneer or Ebony and Cherry Vinyl Veneer Finishes
• Strong, Flexible Removable Grille

The Klipsch RP 280. RP stands for reference premiere and it’s a completely new line of speakers from Klipsch.

Now even though it is a brand new speaker there’s something about the speaker that just screams classic Americana.  it’s a rather robust cabinet build, It’s got a classic black ash finish. But there are some modern touches as well.

For instance, the grill is held on with neodymium magnets and those magnets have been put below the surface of the baffle so you can’t see them. So you can go grill off and the speaker looks well dressed.

The speaker’s plinth for bass is actually angled so that you get a slight and raking back of the speaker it actually sorts of fires slightly up and at you. But a perhaps less obvious but more high-impact change would be to the speaker’s horn tweeter.

Now Klipsch has been designing horn loaded tweeters for a long time. Klipsch made a change here so that it’s got a 90-degree dispersion pattern in all four directions.

Klipsch says that helps with the imaging and I’m inclined to agree. The speaker’s image extremely well, one thing that hasn’t changed are the copper tone drivers which Klipsch fans will immediately recognize.

This particular model comes with two eight inch drivers around back you’ve got a flared vent which will help reinforce bass response but without any chuffing or air noise and then below that you’ve got a set of by wire terminals although you probably don’t need to buy amp this speaker because it’s so stinking sensitive.

A compact diminutive speaker this is not it is large and in charge and it makes no apologies for that’s kind of why I like it I think that in a room that is purpose-built for the sound the speaker is going to do really well it sounds as big as it looks.


Q Acoustics 3050

Q Acoustic may not be the most recognizable name in the audio industry.
Thoroughly impressed with their sound and build quality.

The 2-way design includes a pair of 6 1/2 inch aramid fiber woofers and a one-inch concentric ring dome tweeter.

the enclosure is available in 4 finish options with the cabinet that’s just as sturdy as it is attractive.

also, the placement of the speaker is the perfect height for seated listening there are dual five-way binding posts on the back panel in case you want to buy amp your floor speakers.

Q Acoustics black grill cloth attaches magnetically and only covers the top half of the front panel. but we suggest removing the grill cloths for optimal audio results.

The speakers are held in place by a steel outrigger plinth that has threads for floor spikes.

unfortunately, the base isn’t permanently attached to the cabinet so you may have to tighten the screws periodically.

in our music listening test, we played a wide range of musical genres. 3050 was the clear winner when it came to clarity and accuracy.

we were particularly impressed with the vocal reproduction they offered a wide soundstage and did a great job placing the vocals in front of the other instruments.

acoustic instruments like horns and strings sounded like we were sharing the lab with musicians giving us a private concert.

the bass response is not as impactful as some of the larger speakers we tested but is perfectly complimentary of the mid-range and high-frequency content.

the mid-range content flowing out of these speakers is the perfect combination of colorful and accurate.

and the soaring high-frequency sounds are unobtrusive and natural.\

the 92-decibel sensitivity rating means these speakers are highly efficient at converting amplification dissenter.

most of our listening tests were conducted to 85 decibels which is about as loud as a commercial theater and the 3050 showed no signs of distorting at that volume.

the Q acoustics 3050 is our favorite floor standing speaker for less than a thousand bucks the audio clarity is unmatched at that price point and the cabinet design is as attractive as it is durable. that’s why it’s our best.

Monitor Audio Silver 200 Floorstanding Speaker Walnut Pair


Is a two and a half way three driver configuration speaker that is differentially tuned acoustic systems that produce high-quality sound and low-frequency extension.

It has a 25 mm C-CAM ( Ceramic Coated Aluminum Magnesium tweeter with Neo Magnet System to optimised for lower distortion and super clear sounds.

5¼-inch bass and 5¼-inch bass/mid drivers with ‘dished’ C-CAM cone profile for better damping and improved mid-range clarity

RST Cone profile for improved diaphragm rigidity and lower distortion

KEF R500 Floorstanding Loudspeaker – High Gloss Piano Black



















we are talking about speakers today and not how they work with how to choose them if there’s one market any outer engineering business that is oversaturated it has to be the speaker business there is so much to choose from they come in all different sorts sizes and tone and choosing speakers all depends on your personal preferences so that’s it that’s all you need to know about choosing speakers I want to thank you all for your time what oh oh oh I think I need to give you guys some more information okay let’s let me give you some guidelines then first of all determine your goal what do you want to do without speakers do you just want to listen to music we want to produce music or do you want to mix a mouse or music because those different goals need different speakers if you just want speakers to listen to music choose something that’s comfortable to your ears easy to listen to and something you can listen to for hours upon hours for producing I can recommend you to choose as small speakers as possible why well here’s the thing every producer wants to throw out their volume as loud as possible and as high as possible because high volume is great gives you a lot of energy and it’s just amazing to have everything so loud right well it isn’t with high volume your tract will sound more excited than it actually is because you will get the energy from that volume and not from the track when using small speakers you need to make your track as energetic as possible and I know what you are thinking right now you are not going to do it and I know and I don’t care but I have to say that the best sounding productions I’ve ever mixed and mastered are made on the smallest gentle acts there are for mixing and mastering I recommend two pair of speakers as you can see behind me one set of big full-range speakers and those will need to be honest enough that they are a bitch to work on if it’s really hard to get a good sound on those speakers then you know that you’re in the sweet spot the other pair will be the worst of the worst speakers and there’s actually a brand specializing and making worse speakers it’s called Evan tone and I recommend them to everybody and those worst speakers are there to check the worst case scenario because let’s be honest everybody listens on shitty speakers right another seperated thing to consider when choosing speakers is room size big speakers in a small room just don’t work if you’ve got a small room go with equally small sized physical size speakers the other way around though big room with small speakers does work but I will talk about that next week in a video about acoustics I would also recommend if you’ve chosen a pair of speakers that may suit your needs to try them out test them work on them for a week maybe longer and see if they really are your choice choosing speakers you have to try them in your own room your own workflow in your own setup with your own music with your own work you almost cannot avoid it to try them out at home and listening to them in a different booth in a shop or some day it just doesn’t work so that’s my recommendation and every high-end retailer will accept this because they know it’s like that I want to thank you all for your time if you enjoyed this video please let me know by giving a thumbs up if you didn’t like this video and wasted your time let me know