Weber Genesis II gas grill Cast Iron and silver b flavorizer bars

Today we are taking a look at the Weber Genesis 2 Gas Grill. Weber Genesis grills have consistently been some of the most popular gas grills in the world.

Weber Genesis II Cast Iron



We are proud to feature the Weber Genesis 2. The special edition we have here today, as well as the upgraded LX design.

This is the Genesis II special edition 4 burner grill, which is available in 4 color options.. This one is smoke.. Let’s have a look inside!

The cooking grids measure 34 inches wide by 19 inches deep, and can comfortably grill up 28, 4 inch round hamburgers at a time. The Special Edition grills feature stainless steel cooking grids and flavorizer bars for maximum durability, backed by a 10 year warranty…

as opposed to the standard line featuring porcelain-enameled cooking grids and flavorizer bars with a 5-year warranty. Weber’s flavorizer bars shield the burners beneath from debris, maximizing longevity, and vaporizing drippings back into your food for added smokey flavor and moisture.

Weber Genesis 2 Porcelain-Enameled Flavorizer Bars


The Genesis II line features these notches in the flavorizer bars, so you can clearly see if your burner is lit or not, this also can be used for manual backup ignition without having to remove the flavorizer bar.

Genesis II Features

Under the flavorizer bars, you will find Weber’s stainless steel burners, featuring the new tapered design. Since grills tend to get hotter towards the back, these burners are tapered so that they produce less heat towards the back of the grill, leading to more consistent temperatures across the entire cooking surface.

Each of the burners are rated for 12,000 BTUS, for a total of 48,000 BTUS of cooking power. The burners are each lit with push button electronic ignition.

Beneath the Burner

Beneath the burners, the Genesis II special edition features stainless steel baffles, these work to direct the drippings to the grease tray beneath the grill. They also work to reflect the heat from the burners toward the cooking grids. Just like the cooking grids, and flavorizer bars, these come porcelain enameled on the standard Weber Genesis II.

The lower portion of the grill body is cast aluminum, which means it will resist corrosion for countless years of grilling. The lid of the Weber Genesis II is double walled,

providing insulation for temperature stability. For ease of temperature monitoring, the lid also features a thermometer. When it comes to wirelessly monitor the temperature of the cooking process,

The Weber Genesis II line has you covered, they come fully compatible with the IGrill 3.

The right side of the cart has this spot to easily connect the module to the grill. It is very convenient to be able to monitor the doneness of your food without having to babysit your grill!

Weber Genesis II Control Panel

Below the control panel, the Weber Genesis Special Edition features this slide out grease pan for easy cleaning.

This drip pan directs grease into this collection tray that fits weber’s disposable aluminum pans for simple removal.

The lower portion of the Weber Genesis II Special edition cart has plenty of room for storage. Under the right side shelve, there is a shield to keep your propane tank out of view. Inside the propane storage area, Weber provides a convenient propane tank gauge to monitor your fuel, so you don’t get stuck with an empty tank. Other nice features of the Genesis II special edition include this warming rack for extra grill real estate, that easily flips down for storage when it is isn’t needed, and hooks on both side shelves to keep your grilling tools close at hand. It’s worth noting that the Genesis II special edition is only available in this 4 burner configuration.

Genesis II Standard Configuration

The Genesis II standard models are available in 2,3,4, and 6 burner configurations. All of the standard models are available in black, with the 4 burner model having 4 colors to choose from. If you are looking for a feature packed grill in multiple sizes.

Genesis II LX is a great grill to consider, it comes in 2,3,4 or 6 burner configuration options. Some of the great additional features of the Weber Genesis II LX line are 1,000 additional BTU’s per burner, an included side burner, backlit control knobs, a handle mounted grilling light. The LX line comes in your choice of Stainless steel or Black finish.

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